Scoil Chonglais Handbook for Parents

General Information for Parents

Scoil Chonglais is a recognised Post Primary Co-Educational School under the terms of The Education Act 1998.
The School is owned and governed by Co. Wicklow Vocational Education Committee (VEC).  Functions are delegated to the Board of Management which is a sub committee of the VEC.  The Board of Management is composed of:  4 VEC members, 2 members elected by the Parents of the school, 2 members elected by the Teaching Staff, 2 members representing the Community and the School Principal who acts as Secretary to the Board.

Subject & Programmes

The following programmes are provided and the curriculum is as specified by the Department of Education & Science:
•             Junior Certificate Programme
•             Transition Year Programme
•             Leaving Certificate Programme
•             Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme
•             A Post Leaving Certificate Programme in Business & Office Technology.


Junior Cycle:  Scoil Chonglais offers the following curriculum in First Year:
Gaeilge; English; French; German; Mathematics; Science; History; Geography; Physical Education; Religion; Computer Studies; Guidance Counselling; Civics, Social and Political Education (CSPE); and Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE).

All students in Junior Cycle do all of the above subjects as well as three from the following group of six:  Materials Technology Wood; Technical Graphics (Drawing); Home Economics; Engineering; Art, Craft & Design; Business Studies.

Senior Cycle:  Scoil Chonglais offers the following curriculum for Leaving Certificate students:
Gaeilge; English; Mathematics; Guidance Counselling; Physical Education; Religion and 4 subjects from the following:  Biology; Technical Drawing; Business; Engineering; Accounting; History; German; French; Art; Construction Studies; Physics; Geography; Home Economics; Chemistry and LCVP.

School Uniform

The school holds the view that it is reasonable to expect that students attend school every day, on time, and in correct school uniform.  We ask that parents/guardians make every effort to ensure that their son or daughter complies with the expectation.  The overwhelming majority of parents are fully supportive of a uniform policy in the school.  It is in everyone’s interest that students, as ambassadors of the school, should look their best.  Compliance with school requirements on uniform reduces conflict and ensures that efforts are concentrated on teaching and learning.  Outlined below are the details of school uniform for senior and junior cycle students.  Further information is contained in the school Code of Discipline.

Junior & Senior Cycle

Pale blue polyester cotton.  Coloured T-shirt must not be seen under shirt/blouse.

Navy blue ‘V’ necked with stripe and logo/crest.

Navy and green tartan kilt.  Girls have the option of wearing uniform skirt or uniform trousers.

Clerical grey only.

Black shoes.  No runners allowed.

Dark coloured socks for boys, black/navy socks or tights for girls.

Correct official school tie only.

Scoil Chonglais school jacket, nNavy blue with logo/chest.

Physical Education:

All students:
The Scoil Chonglais PE Uniform includes a tracksuit an polo shirt, and is compulsory for all students.  Non marking runners may be worn to school with the PE uniform on the days on which a student has PE.

School Uniform Suppliers:
Kaideen Knitwear, Lathaleer, Baltinglass.

Cycle Helmets

For safety reasons, parents are asked to ensure that, where their son/daughter travels to and from school by bicycle, they wear a good quality cycle helmet.

The wearing of the correct school uniform is a condition of enrolment at Scoil Chonglais. Where a student is not wearing the correct school uniform, a Uniform Infringement Slip will be issued by a teacher. Students who fail to wear the corect school uniform on three or more occasions may be subject to appropriate sanctions under the school's Behaviour Policy.


Application forms for school transport must be completed and returned to the school on or before 22nd April 2009.  During the following summer Bus Éireann will make direct contact with parents who completed transport application forms.  Details regarding cost of transport, medical cards etc. will be conveyed to parents by Bus Éireann.  Once the application form is completed and transmitted to Co. Wicklow Vocational Education Committee the school plays no further part in bus arrangements for students.

Book Lists

Book lists are issued to students in Primary Schools during the month of May.  All new books are available in the school shop and there is no need for parents to travel to Dublin etc. to obtain books.  Most books can be rented.  They should be returned at the end of the school year and re-rented in Second Year.  This applies to all pupils in First Year.  The school shop will be open for sale/rent of books at the end of June 2009 (dates to be confirmed).
Shop opening hours are 10am - 2pm.

Please note that a rental scheme and not a grant scheme operates for Junior Cycle students.

Opening Dates

Scoil Chonglais will open for First Years only on the first day of school and this will be a half-day only and arrangements will be made for buses to collect students at 12:30pm approx.  Re-opening dates will be confirmed and advertised during the summer.


The code of Conduct/Rules of the School are available on a separate sheet and in the school brochure.  Each class group will have a Class Teacher and each year is under a Year Head.  A School Disciplinary Committee deals with serious breaches of discipline and consists of a Year Head, Class Teacher and the Principal.

Assessment Tests

The Assessment/Entrance Test for First Years will be held on Saturday 14th March 2009 from 10:00am to 12:30 pm approximately.  Pupils for the entrance test do not require any materials except a pen.

Contributions & Fees

Scoil Chonglais School Journal is €15 and Student Personal Accident Insurance is €5. Student insurance is required for participation in school activities, sports, and field trips.

Scoil Chonglais requests that parents make an annual maintenance contribution with respect to all students attending the school.  As you will appreciate, this contribution is vital to the school so that we can continue to offer a broad and balanced curriculum, as well as meeting increasing costs for services such as postage and photocopying.  The contribution is €80. The approximate break-down of the maintenance contribution is as follows:  Photocopying €40; Postage, reports, printing €20; Sports, cultural activities, travel €20. The contribution will be collected at the end of June during arrangements for the book scheme.

Other Information

An information night, for parents of new pupils will be held early in the new school year.
A parent-teacher meeting for First Years will be held next February 2009 (date to be decided).  House examinations are held at Christmas and Summer, after which parents receive detailed reports of their child’s performance and progress.  An information brochure is available to all parents.  Parents may seek an interview with Class Teacher, Year Head or Principal at any time (by appointment) regarding the progress of their child or any matter of concern to them.

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